Important Dates

It is very important that these dates are saved and kept free for the following:

2018 Mini's Show

22nd September - Putaruru Plaza

2018 End of Year SHOW!
Dress Rehearsals - 17th November - Putaruru Plaza
Show Weekend - 1st & 2nd December - Putaruru Plaza

Questions and Queries

We ask that any questions you have for our teachers are either asked at the front desk, or an email is sent through to us. Our teachers are often running back to back classes and unfortunately that doesn't often leave us any time for discussion before or after classes. Our girls at the front desk are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have- and the questions they can't answer, will let you know how to best get in touch with us.

Keeping Up To Date
To stay updated on what is going on here at the studio, make sure you like our facebook page Aspire Arts Academy, and regularly check our website for any updates throughout the term.


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