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To our Aspire Family!

Firstly a huge thank you to you all for your patience, your engagement and your support during this challenging time.  We trust you are all well and staying safe and sane!!

We just wanted to touch base with you all about our plans to return to classes at the studio in June.  At this stage we are anticipating being in alert level 2 by the beginning of June and starting back into our classes on Monday 1st of June as per our usual Timetable.

The only classes that won’t restart in June (term 2) will be our invitational classes.

As you can appreciate our need to plan for the return to studio classes is both important and imperative to ensure we start back well and prepared.  

Taking that into consideration it is REALLY IMPORTANT that we HEAR BACK from anyone wanting to make changes or adjustments to your classes for returning in June.

Please simply click on the link below to let us know any info about your return to classes.


We need to know asap if you are wanting to make any changes and adjustments so we can get that all sorted for both invoices and any changes to timetabling or classes that may occur as a result.

Thanks so much again for your continued support, your support means everything to us. We miss the students so much and we even miss seeing our parents smiley faces too!! This time has really given us a posture of appreciation and gratitude for all that Aspire is.

Thanks for your co-operation, please click the link and fill out the form now – before you forget! 

Hoping to see you all soon.

The Aspire Team .


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