2020 Big Show Info

The Story of Scarecrow, Tin Man and The Lion (Grandsons of the OGs) who are looking for their heart, their courage and their brain- kindness, bravery and the belief in themselves.

The three men journey the yellow path to Emerald city thinking they will solve their issues when they get there – however, when they arrive they come to the realization that they already have all they are looking for inside themselves. In fact, they are more than enough as they are – they are brave, they are kind and they are totally enough being themselves.

A performance featuring our students from 8yrs through to Adults as they showcase their Drama, Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Acro, Musical Theatre, and Lyrical pieces. Don't miss this opportunity to see some Fantastic costumes, upbeat music and creative performances! We hope to see you there!

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Dress Rehersals!

Aspire Students Save the date!

Dress Rehearsals are held on Saturday the 21st of November at the Putaruru Plaza this year.

*Please note Dress rehearsals are compulsory for our Big Show Aspire Students.

Dress Rehearsal Timetable

Dress Rehearsal is approaching and we are very excited! Below are the times of drop off and pick up for your child so please read carefully so you have the correct times.

12.30pm- All Drama students arrive

1pm- FIRST HALF students arrive 

2.30pm- FIRST HALF & MIDDLE DRAMA students pick up

2.45pm- SECOND HALF students arrive 

4pm- SECOND HALF & SENIOR DRAMA students pick up

Any students who are in both halves of the show will be required for the full length of rehearsals. Please bring Afternoon tea and water.

IMPORTANT students can be dropped into the front of the theatre foyer where they will then be directed into the theatre to wait for instructions. Please note rehearsals are CLOSED and parents are not allowed to attend. Students do NOT need to come with stage makeup on for rehearsals.

First Half:                                                               


Senior Jazz

Junior Jazz 1 & 2 

Grade 2/3 Acro

Level 8 & 9 Hip Hop

Junior 3 & Elem 1 Jazz

Level 2 Hip Hop

Senior Hip Hop

Junior Lyrical

Senior Acro

Junior 3 & Elem 1 Ballet

Level 4 Hip Hop

All Tap

Elem 2 & 3 Ballet     

Second Half:

Senior Drama 

Int 3 Ballet

Elem 2 & 3 Jazz


Level 5 Hip Hop

Senior Lyrical

Level 3 Hip Hop

Musical theatre

Level 7 Hip Hop



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