Questions and Queries

We ask that any questions you have for our teachers are either asked at the front desk, or an email is sent through to us. Our teachers are often running back to back classes and unfortunately that doesn't often leave us any time for discussion before or after classes. Our staff at the front desk are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have- and the questions they can't answer, will let you know how to best get in touch with us.

Keeping Up To Date
To stay updated on what is going on here at the studio, make sure you like our facebook page Aspire Arts Academy, and regularly check our website for any updates throughout the term.

2021 Examination Info

We are so glad you have decided to do exams. These are such an important and valuable part of the development of any young dancer.  And even more than the development of them as a young performer it is so valuable as an experience for students to learn discipline, work ethics and confidence.   Our MOCK EXAMS are compulsory - this is a good run through for the students and a chance for our head teachers to check over the work and technique.  

Aspire Uniforms specific to the class genre are also compulsory.

Timetable is still to be confirmed - ALL STUDENTS MUST ARRIVE 25 mins before their exam to ensure enough time to warm up, be numbered and in the case the examiner is running ahead of time.

Please contact us if you are unsure of your students class name and time.

Keep working hard but remember that here at ASPIRE we believe exams should be an experience to enjoy.  All the best!!!

SIDE NOTE: Level 3 Lyrical is Junior Lyrical and Level 5 Lyrical is Intermediate Lyrical



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