Classes at Aspire

We have 3 main intakes during the year for our Minis show classes - Start of Terms 1,2 & 4. 

For all other students we have 2 main intakes start of Term 1 and Term 3.

During the first 2 terms- Hip Hop, Jazz and Ballet students work towards exams. All other classes will being with the technical aspects of their genre.

Mini's show students will spend half of term 2 and term 3 learning a dance for their mini's show.

For main show students, they will spend Terms 3&4 learning a dance for our end of year show! 

Classes we teach at Aspire:
Mini Twinkles
Mini Tumbles
Mini Ballet/Jazz
Mini Hip Hop/Acro
Hip Hop
Strength and Stretch

What age can students start:
2yrs - Mini's
3yrs - Mini Twinkles, Mini Tumbles
4yrs - Mini Ballet/Jazz, Mini Hip Hop/Acro
5yr - Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Acro
7-8yr - Tap, Contemporary, Drama
9yrs - All Boys Hip Hop

At Aspire we are a registered studio of the Asia Pacific Dance Association (APDA) who hold the syllabi 
Urban Ignition (Hip Hop), Jazz Addict, La Beaute Ballet and Lucidity (contemporary).
We are also very excited to be starting their Encore Theatre Dance and Tap Evolution Syllabi when these are released in 2019!

What are dance Exams?

You might be wondering why dance exams are so important to us here at Aspire. Here is a quick explanation.

Dance exams are held only once per year. It is a time for our students to perform and gain feedback from all the hard work they have put in in the first 2 terms of the year.

Dance exams teach the students discipline and etiquette and help to enhance performance skills, boost self-esteem and confidence. The achievements of dance exams can also be used later in life. Whether it be through a student continuing down a dance avenue as they grow older or in a CV to show commitment and seriousness to an extra curricular subject.

How does the examination process work?

An examiner will come to our studio and assess the students on the work they have been learning throughout the first 2 terms of the year. Students enter the exam in groups of up to 8 so they will not be alone. They are required to wear correct Aspire uniform, hair is to be up and tidy and no jewellery, earings, nailpolsh, etc is to be worn.

Once the exam is over the students will have a great feeling of achievement and their work will be recognized when they receive their report mark sheet and syllabus certificate. The mark sheet will give students feedback on what they did well in their exam and where they can improve as they continue through the levels.

Here at Aspire we strive to celebrate improvement and love to watch our students grow within themselves, and their dance and performance abilities when given opportunities like this.

Mini's Show Classes

2018 Brings our brand new Mini's Show!!

Classes that will be participating in our Mini's show instead of our end of years show are as follows:

Mini Twinkles
Mini Tumbles
Mini Ballet/Jazz
Mini Hip Hop/Acro
Foundation Hip Hop
Level 1 Hip Hop
Primary 1 Jazz
Primary 2 Jazz
Primary 1 Ballet
Primary 2 Ballet
Primary Acro
Grade 1 Acro
Junior Drama

For more info on our Mini's show head to the Newsletter tab


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