Fees are due before the term starts. This is a policy alot of dance schools are introducing to ensure that there is a committment to enrolments and that students on waiting lists are not waiting unncessarily. Please ensure if you pay online that you ref the term and put students inital and last name. Thanks so much our acc number is

Note that any fees received from week 2 on will incur a late admin fee.

Please Note: enrolment deposits are non-refundable

Enquire today for more info on class times and prices - aspirearts@gmail.com


Our uniform at Aspire is an important part of students learning discipline, organisational skills, respect for themselves and gives a sense of belonging to the culture and community we are building at Aspire Arts. We believe it is a really vital part of teaching students to be prepared for class and be prepared for learning with the right equipment.

Our Aspire uniform becomes compulsory after a student has been in the school for longer than 1 term.

Please note - our uniforms are supplied by high quality dance wear suppliers.

Below are our uniform requirements and expectations. Shoes are an integral part of our uniform as looking after a dancers feet is crucial. Please ensure your student is in sneakers, ballet shoes, jazz shoes or taps. Uniforms and Shoe sales are available from our front desk 3:30-5:30pm Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Jazz, Tap and Musical Theatre

Top- Aspire singlet (photo 4) OR Aspire crop top (photo 5)

Pants- Aspire Tights( Photo 1) OR OPTIONAL Aspire hot pants (photo 5)

NOTE: Jazz Long Tights are required for all students sitting exams.

Shoes- Black jazz shoes and Black Tap shoes available to order at our front desk.

Hair is to be all tied up neatly out of face for every lesson.

Hip Hop

Top Girls- Any of our Aspire Singlets, T-Shirts, or Crop top

Top Boys- Aspire T-Shirt (photo 3) OR Aspire relaxed singlet (no photo)

Pants- Unisex Aspire Trackies (photo 3) or Long Tights (photo 1) OR OPTIONAL girls hot pants (photo 5) 

NOTE: Trackies/Long tights are required for all students sitting exams due to floorwork.

Shoes- Any non marking sneaker that supports the feet

Hair is to be all tied up neatly out of face for every lesson.


Aspire Leotard required for all students (photo 6&7)

Ballet tights can be purchased at Farmers

Shoes- Pink leather Ballet shoes to be worn. These can be ordered from the front desk.

OPTIONAL- Ballet skirts- Primary 1&2 - Pink; Junior 1 onwards - Black

(Skirts are available at the studio)

Hair is required to be in a neat bun for every lesson


Top- Aspire singlet (photo 4) OR Aspire crop top (photo 5)

Pants- Aspire Tights (photo 1) OR Aspire hot pants (photo 5)

No shoes or socks are to be worn in acro classes.

Hair is to be all tied up neatly out of face for every lesson


Top - Aspire Singlet (Photo 4) or Aspire Leotard

Pants - Aspire Hot pants.

No Shoes - Foot Undies are optional and can be purchased at the from desk.

Hair is to be tied up off the face

Preschool & Toddler Classes

Twinkles and Tumbles (3&4yrs): Any Aspire Top or Leotard is required. Any of their own black bottoms can be worn (tights, shorts, skirts) OR Aspire uniform options

Footwear: Twinkles may have ballet or Jazz shoes, or barefoot is also acceptable.


Top- Any Aspire top can be worn

Pants- Any Aspire pants can be worn

Appropriate shoes to be worn

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